Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Great Divide

The room divider for Kenna's room is coming along! This is the process I am doing. I will in no way claim this is the best way to accomplish this "dream". I am not a seamstress or artist. NEED: A way to divide a room. BUDGET: Almost nothing. HOW TO: Buy a huge canvas drop cloth from Home Depot for 29.99 (12x15), measure room and cut it down (there will be 3 panels). Wash it with some bleach. Trace the decals we bought for the walls on to transparencies and cut out.
Trace the shapes on to the canvas with a disappearing ink pen, then paint. It's a little time consuming, but it's going to be great!!
So, it looks pretty good right? We think so anyway (even Brian's impressed!). This is just one panel, and it still needs to be sewn/hemmed into a curtain. I don't want to do this until the curtain rod is hung, so I get the measurement just right. I figured with doing 3 panels, they will be easily moved out of the way to access the craft table or piano without moving the entire curtain aside. Can't wait to see how my vision for this thing will turn out! It can't possibly look worse than looking at all that "stuff" in Kenna's room! Little houses force all kinds of creativity on us, I suppose!
Side note - time for the semi annual raking of the pine needles. Have you ever heard me say how much I hate pine trees? I do. I do I do I do. Brian has been recently lamenting that he wishes gardening were my hobby. I say, excuse me, THAT is not gardening. It's raking leaves. No way. I'll never love it. In this case, I didn't even do it either:-), we had some Russian workers come over and knock it out. There are more than 60 huge bags. With astronomical numbers like that, I will echo Brian's lament back on him...why doesn't HE like "gardening"??


  1. Curtains are looking great!! I can definitely agree with your dislike for pine trees...grossest trees ever!! 60 bags?!!? That's insane! I don't know how anyone could enjoy that!!

  2. love the curtain! i hate raking anything especially when our yard has a bazzilion leaves in the yard cause there are dozens of trees. thankfully our new yard is better. i agree that raking is not what i consider gardening. it is just plain work.

  3. I just went to HomeDepot to buy a dropcloth for a project (different from yours - mine's less work) and all they had was these huge papertowel-like drop cloths. :(

  4. Bummer, I wonder if Lowes would have something? Mine were found in the paint section, and they had sooo many size selections of the canvas, and also the paper-like ones.