Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3D Fail

Brian and I had a date this week, thanks to our in-house babysitter, Janessa!! We decided to go see Captain America, but the only showing at the times we could go was in 3D. We decided to give it try...but we weren't impressed. Perhaps we are too old for things like this:-)

I kept thinking of the mosquito in Bee Movie (Chris Rock's voice) "HOW MUCH DO YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SEE?". Isn't it enough that its a ginormous screen? We were pessimistically optimistic that we'd like it.

Not so much. It made the perspectives all "off", and kept on making us go cross eyed. It was very strange, and we wished at the end we could have seen it in the regular way. The "bonus" was the ultra cool glasses you get to wear. Brian informed me that I looked like the old man from Disney's Up.

cute little bug!

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