Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fire & Update

Today we ran to Walmart to pickup a few food items for Brian's friends. They eat a lot of food while playing Catan:-) Driving into the parking lot I said "Is that a fire?" Sure enough, it was a fire on the median! What on earth?! It looked like maybe someone dumped a dark substance on the mulch stuff, and the heat of the sun literally fired it up. Brian tried to extinguish it by piling more mulch on over the top, but it didn't stop it, in fact, he was stomping out about 8" flames! Kenna and I ran into the store to have them tell their security, and they came out with water to put it out and monitor it. Random happenings!
Burning through the mulch we piled up on top. Janessa said we smelled like a campfire when we got home!

Today, also,our neighbour Larry (the tree incident) passed away from his injuries. There is a hope that he accepted Christ as Saviour back in May, when another neighbour was sharing with him. There will be no funeral, but we will attend a small gathering next Saturday in his honour. We pray for his family and hope we see him in heaven someday!

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