Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day

...and more

Here is a piece of paper I found, left for me on the kitchen counter. I inquired with Kenna - it's Yes or No (circle one) note, the 800 number is from an infomercial. Apparently, there is some toy or something that she'd like (and claims it's FREE!), so she's handily included the number for me, should I be inclined to get it for her;-)
And we played Boggle
Grey's Boggle words:-)

He's the most intense player, calling out the letters and blocking the whole thing so the real players can't even see:-)

Shake 'em up!
And they were calling for snow on Wednesday - sure enough, at 8pm on Tuesday night...this was our front yard!
And at 7am on Wednesday morning, snow in all it's glory!

They must be sooo cold!!

Not a fan

Snow blew inside the porch. They thought that was amazing:-)
These two came inside after 15/20 mins close to tears

He lasted 5 mins longer, and was happy about it
 Kenna declared later in the day, at the thought of going outside again. "Snow is just so fluffy and wonderful! I just wish it was warmer". My southern babies:-)
 Thursday: Another snow day! There have never been 2 in a row, in the 10 years we've lived here! A colder-than-normal winter is to blame I guess...with the lack of snowplows, sand and/or salt for the roads, we rely on the sun...and it was too cold Wednesday to melt it away and make the roads safe.

Thursday morning, proof that it's been COLD the last few days - the lake is frozen! I am not feeling well today, so was not inclined to dress up and go out there for a better pic, but I had to capture something - it seems like this will be a rare occurrence! If you enlarge the pic, you can tell where the water is still, compared to where it's not (on the left, ducks are swimming). Aside from where those ducks are, the whole thing, as far as I can see, is coated in a thin skiff of ice!

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