Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Wedding Invitations

*warning* this post has a lot of pictures, maybe more than necessary, sorry!

Our wedding invitations. At the time, I liked them. I saw something similar back in 2003, and I decided I could make them. I wasn't really very crafty back then, like at all. But I've always had a pet peeve for homemade things looking...homemade. I think I did a decent job of it, really. A year or so ago I pulled out a wedding box full of invitations extras - And I wasn't really impressed.

I wish I'd been as crafty then, as I am now.

Original invitation pics:

All the enclosures
The invitation to the reception
Inside of reception invite

RSVP card

RSVP envelope

Extra bbq party invitation for all out of town guests

Hotel info, and church locations

Front of hotel info sheet

Back of hotel info sheet

Belly band, holding all the enclosures together

missing the bows, but showing the details, I embossed this

I made - thousands of these little itty bitty bows. Using hot glue. And I had extremely long nails back in those days. It took me forever, and I totally scalded my fingers
Surgery time! I opted for sticky strip instead of hot glue this time;-)
 All done. Can you see the difference to the original? The left hand "white space" is much smaller now, and, I think, a better balance. This was my main dislike.

Adding some colour on colour texture with Versamark and Glassy Glaze enamel 

I added the same heat embossed texture to the reply card

removing the bow, I added colour and pearls to the reception invitation

The 3 main elements of the invitation

The "extra" elements - the hotel information, the bbq invite and the reply envelope

Response card and envelope

New belly band, vellum, with heat embossed texture added

enclosures, ready to go!

Ready to go in the envelope!
 Now for display - I had this old shadow box with pics of Kenna in it...
 I made a new false back for it, using black cardstock and lace
 All done!
 Now on display in my house!

Overall, I am happy with my original invitations, and who knows if I'd choose that again - I'd certainly not NOT choose it, so I think that is saying something:-) With the few tweaks I made, improving the originals, but not really changing them much...I just think they are a little more "me" now.

This is how I would have done them 11 years ago, had I had the knowledge and skill I have now:-)


  1. I forgot that you had that many enclosures! Both invitations look good, reflecting the styles of the years. How would you do your wedding program now that you know what you know?

    1. I actually love it and would keep it the same, the only thing I would change...keeping the quotes on the bottom of the page, but taking off our names and the date on the tops of every single page. Looks a little busy to me now, because of that. So I would not have a "top section" and just keep our quotes on the bottom:-)