Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oil Changes

Oil changes. It's something I generally regard in the category of "this should not be my job". But, since Brian is usually much too busy to get around to it, it's something I can reasonably take off his plate - since doing the oil change at Walmart gives us all a place to be while we wait. Which I am grateful for, because the alternatives would totally stink. But...well, it's still not the most fun thing I ever do:-) The kids would disagree. It's first come, first served there, so I go as early in the morning as possible (8:30am), so that our wait time is lessened.

Since it's early, the store is virtually empty. Since we are totally killing time and will be there for what feels like an eternity, I let them do stuff we don't normally do. They are a little louder, a little more helter skelter, and we search for new and exciting food items and or other stuff we never knew existed.
Wouldn't you know it, they had samples out at the bakery. Yay!
This "Dark" Vader was the same size as May, although the pic perspective doesn't do a good job of showing that
I used to have little plastic Smurf's just like this when I was a kid. I am pretty sure they didn't cost 4.99 each, though.
This time, we found Sea Monkeys. So in a science experiment type of way, we are seeing if we can hatch some! The kids are beyond excited about this, and I will have them journal their observations, so it's a decent little educational bit of fun, all for 4.99. (Sea monkeys are a type of brine shrimp, apparently. If we hatch any, I'll let you know!)

So one thing  I let them do, which I hardly ever let them do, is roam the toy section. This is why they love oil changes so much. Talk about "a kid in a candy store", with the 5 of them nattering on excitably, it's pretty nuts. The first pass through the toy aisles was fairly chaotic. The second pass through, slightly better. The third pass through, I turned on the video camera, just to capture some of their excitement. Of which there was an abundance. x5 :-)

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