Monday, January 27, 2014

Cup Places

Having lots of kids running around = lots of dirty cups. My upper dishwasher tray is usually totally full, while the bottom tray is half empty. Mostly, it's all the cups.

So turning two not useful things into something useful. 1) the counter beside the stove. 2) odds and ends coasters with no "matchers" from my Christmas crafts

I had 4 coasters left and they were all "throw aways". The kids and I painted them, and then I sprayed them with the matte sealer to seal it in (just like the coasters)

And just as easy as that - a place to put your cup. Then everyone knows you aren't done with it, and no else drinks from it, etc. And you can keep the same cup all day instead of getting a new one each time. And the whole system fits perfectly in that little bit of counter space that is useless for anything else.

I had coaster demo's left over - 2 of them! I'm using the "B" one for Brian, and the flower one for Sonny&May

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