Thursday, January 2, 2014

8th year!

If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you probably realized that it is for definite sure that I will never run out of words. Or quotes:-D

I'm starting in on the 8th year of this blog. That's a really long time actually, of chronicling our love and life, as it unfolds. I'm finding that as my memory fails me, I turn to this blog for help. Like someone asked me what we did last year for New Years. Beats me. I was only there. Who'd expect me to actually remember it?? So I find myself grabbing for my phone and looking it up, on my own personal little Wiki file of my life. Helpful, it is.

Is it possible to condense an entire year in to one pivotal moment? I'ma try, here folks. Hang on...

If you've followed us from the beginning, you've seen...

The most notable moment of 2007, was the birth of our first son, Brooks.

The most notable moment of 2008, was Brian's hiring on with The Woodard Group. This coincided with his bout with kidney stones (passed out on dilaudid, above). When we tell the kidney stones story, which happens often enough, we remember when it happened, because it was right when he got hired. Although his work with The Woodard Group has been  hard in many ways, he's learned so much, and been given amazing opportunities. It is a moment in time we look back on with gratefulness for God's provision.

The best thing about 2009, was that 2 of my sisters came and stayed with us for a whole summer! Janessa and Jillaine get talked about the most around here, because of this. It was a lot of fun

Grey: Our baby's birth in 2010 is the most notable moment that year. He doesn't let us forget about him for a minute:-)


The biggest deal for us in 2011 was likely the purchase of house #2, which we use as a rental.
Getting a van was a pretty big deal for us, because of the mobility it gives me with work (extra kids everyday). One of the things we talk of most often about from 2012 was our accident, and how we came to find our new van. We do love our vehicle and are very grateful for it! Interestingly, we bought it (used, from a private buyer) in the same neighbourhood in Chesapeake in which we now live! The van has returned to its home:-)
In 2013 we moved into a house we did not buy/do not own, and will remodel it. We rent out our Norfolk house.

We're excited to see what unfolds as time marches on. One thing is certain, if not for each of these life-changing events, we'd be...well...anywhere but here? Whether our physical location or our emotional state, it's pretty safe to say these things all had an impact on us in a pretty big way.

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