Saturday, January 4, 2014


Ok. Cheerleading's first practice has begun. I know nothing about cheerleading. Had I known that pom poms don't come "assembled", I likely would have said no to cheerleading all together.
On the left - a pom pom. Yet to be pom-inized. On the right - the results of 30 minutes worth of hard labour

Here we go! This is how you fluff up that pile of thin plastic by one, by one, by one...
Seventy two million thin tissue paper-like strips are only half way done. Cheers.

So, after a solid hour of fluffinating pom poms. Success. Give me a Y, give me an E, give me an S!!
So, because I was preoccupied making poms poms (no, I am not exaggerating about the took just shy of an hour), I didn't catch any pics of her first practice. She learned things I've never heard of before, like "a T, a broken T, a candlestick" etc... and she learned a few offense and defense cheers. It's serious business, this cheering. She has two practices per week, and then cheers for 1 game per week. Checking the schedules quickly, it looks like she only cheers for Brooks' team once;-)

Stay tuned for adorably cute pictures and videos:-)...and people, she has a megaphone. A MEGAPHONE. I've had to remind all three kids about 20 times each that this new "trumpet" is sports equipment, and not for just shouting into. And we delve into girly realms unknown...wish me luck!

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