Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coming Up...

A post. Finally. I've had a few things to post and have been running around all this is like a random catch up post, and also a what's coming soon post...and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Let me just say, I'm enjoying Instagram. I love how I can quickly capture those little moments that make me smile. Since a picture is worth a thousand words - I suppose you're getting it all, right there on the side bar!

So, today, I posted this pic of Katie Holmes on fb and tagged my stylist "I better look exactly like this when I leave the salon today. No pressure Anna, no pressure at all". Did I mention a young lady who used to be in "our youth group" is now an expert stylist? I love how she does my hair. And she did it!! I came out looking just like Katie! She styled the cut a little more "tame" than Katie's in the pic, and I will likely go with the wild-er look myself, cause it's quicker. But I'm loving my new cut!! I texted Brian my selfie pic and he said "Hey I really like that". So fans. All around. Thanks Anna!
The FROG. The Finished Room Over Garage. We have one. On Friday, I was tidying up a bit and marveling to my self, pridefully, at how easy it is to keep this house clean, compared to the Hugo house. The square footage making the difference here for us...we just "fit" better here, with all our stuff. For me, a natural Messy, when everything has a place to belong, it's easy/easier to keep it all taken care of.

Then I went upstairs.
note: askew bed is not their fault. I need Brian to help me lift it back into place - had to move to get at the attic space
This was probably a mistake. I hadn't been upstairs in probably 4 days. That was also probably a mistake. It's the boys room, by the way. A few days ago (approx 4) I put away the Christmas d├ęcor in the attic space access there, and tidied everything up, it looked fine...picture perfect even. Imagine the ensuing "teachable moment" (in this case also known as a rant) when I walked into this:
"When I say put your clothes away, what does that actually mean to you?"
"What world do you live in, that you can answer 'yes' to the question 'is your bed made?'"
"When I said you could make sure your room was clean and study your verses during nap time WHAT WERE YOU DOING?"
It's mostly all clothes and unmade bedding. But still. Getting dressed at ages 6 & 3 is apparently hard work.
So, with the help of some crazy little boys, we'll get this room in shape, and then maybe I'll do a little tour of how we're settling/settled into our new space here:-)
 ...We have a surprise for the kids again...coming up soon! We are making a little one night vacay to Williamsburg again with friends, like we did last year. And using that handy homeschool discount...YAY for affordable fun! Brian and I are probably slightly more excited than the kids...but then again, they don't know we're going. And they won't. Until we are approximately 2 miles from the parking lot. Believe me, nothing can suck the fun out of something like talking about it 24/7 and explaining on a minutely basis why we can't go yet. There are distinct advantages to the infant stage. Let me assure you:-)

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