Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, as soon as the "extra kids" were picked up, we headed to Williamsburg for a little visit...Our friends, the Dufek's, are taking a little vacation there, from NYC. (Josh is one of Brian's very best friends).

The last time the kids were together was:
Ruby Jane 5 months, Grey 4 months

And look at them now!

 We went to NYC last summer so Brian and Josh could do their fantasy draft in person together, (which I believe may become a yearly thing:-), but Heather and the kids were still out of town visiting family when we were there, so we didn't get to see them while we were in town:-(
Ruby Jane & Lleyton Grey
They bought a few days from a time share place online for a little getaway. It was such a nice place! Josh & Brian took the older kids (K & B, and Joey & Bobby) mini golfing, Heather & I took the littles swimming.
Kenna & Brooks first time to play mini golf! 
And the big boys keeping score and bringing up the rear 
View from the balcony. Josh is easy to spot in yellow pants;-)
I think he got a hole in one, once
watching them play
 After swimming & mini golf, the big kids all went to the arcade to play all the (free) games, and we hooked up the littles with popcorn and a movie.
We wrapped it up around 11:30 and got in the stuck in tunnel traffic at midnight, and were in the door at 12:22. The kids played HARD and were soo tired, they actually slept until almost 8am today. Naps all around:-)

Thank for taking a vacation, friends!! We enjoyed crashing your evening!

Quote of the day - Brooks : uuuhhh, Josh Dufek, can you take me to the bathroom? :-)
Brooks went through a phase when he *was* Josh Dufek. (He thinks it's a single name somehow). Anyway, so Brooks is Little Josh Dufek in his pretend world. Lol.

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