Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Days - Video

A little bit of a catch up post - been taking pics all week, and haven't posted them! It's been such nice weather, we've been enjoying it!
Buddies, they just love to sleep together. It's really neat to watch their relationship develop as Grey gets older.

Besties. For the first time ever in their lives, they are allowed to play on the "back side of the circle"  by themselves (without me out with them - I watch from my big window). And they LOVE it! Our cul de sac is so quiet, and additionally, that "back side" of the circle doesn't get any traffic at all. Perfect for bike riding and everything. They are constantly asking to go play in the circle. I looked out on Tuesday and saw them just sitting on the curb, talking. Love it!

I don't know what these are, they are very teeny tiny, and very pretty...but they STINK!  Not like a perfumey stink, but an actual yucky stink! Kenna is forbidden from picking them for me anymore.

When mascara application goes awry

Peanut butter & pickle (dill) sandwiches! Yum!!

Kenna has started her grade 2 math book, and Brooks will finish up his 1st grade one soon, so he'll only be a little behind her. Can't believe how quickly they are growing...and how much they know! I do NOT remember beginning multiplication in grade 2. Yikes.
In other homeschool news...
A little tip - We use page protectors with dry erase markers for all kinds of things. Saves me from printing lots of the same things over and over again, when we do them every day. Here is Brooks' number of the day page...

Kenna got this voice-activated diary from Dale & Lauren. She loves it and keep all kinds of treasures in it. I believe her current password is "flower", and I caught Sonny & Grey trying to break into it...

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