Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday

This morning is one of those - don't want to get out of bed mornings - busy weekend, fun weekend, crazy weekend, as per normal. We tend to jam pack our weekends out, and stay up way too late. Fri, Sat & Sun...we went to bed at 1am all three nights, and one of those nights, the kids went down at 10:30 (!!!). This could explain my tired morning, no? It's worth it all in the end though, we have full hearts and great memories made with friends.

Last night, Brian went with a coworker/friend to see Rush. His coworker won front row tickets in a radio contest!...and since his wife had no desire to go, he invited Brian to go along. Although Brian is not a huge Rush fan, and doesn't know many of their songs, he said they were amazing and it was fun to go. I probably should not have stayed awake until he came home, but I did:-)
He posted this pic to facebook while at the concert
I am wasting time here at the computer while the kids do their school beside me. Crying and fussing all the while. It will likely take days to recover from that late night adventure, but any how, we're getting it done. I'm dangling the "carrot" of a cucumber for snack, once they finish their work, since they LOVE them, and it seems to be working in keeping them motivated.

Spring is soooo here!!! Outside of about 2 really really hot weeks, where we had to have the a/c on, we have had really nice spring weather, and haven't had to have the heat or the a/c on! My fave times of year - no gas bill, and a cheap electric bill!!

For all of you not local here, struggling to usher in the spring/summer, here are a few pretty pics from my yard to brighten your Monday. I love the pretty pinks, purples and yellows. God's creation is flawless and gorgeous.

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