Friday, May 24, 2013

Kennedy Family

It is very hard to get a picture where everyone is looking just perfect, with so many people. This was the overall best choice. Sorry to those that it may be a little "off" for...

The Kennedy Family in April 2013
NOT PICTURED: Lauryn, Mark, Mattea, Kayla & Canaan
BACK ROW L-R: Davis, Danielle (& baby), Liana, Jared, Darla, Brian, Amy, Kaden, Mom (Beccy), Brent, Dad (Dave), Logan, Lehman
SITTING ON L: Janessa, Jillaine, Maryn
STANDING ON R: Jess Cooper, Chantelle, Kari
SITTING IN FRONT: Vienna, Brooks, Grey, Kenna, Keaton, Marshall

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