Friday, May 24, 2013

As You Wish

Another Pinterest inspired craft, because everyone needs a little more Princess Bride in their lives. Dontcha think?
Painting it grey, and then over that with turquoise...then peeled off the letters
I used paints I had left over from painting Kenna's room divider. I got an awesome sale on canvas's at Walmart - I got two 7x14's for $4. Now I have to do something with the other one...:-)

I printed out (from Word) the lettering on cardstock, and cut them out. I used a font that was easy to handle with regard to cutting and such.
All done. I sanded it with sandpaper to rough it up and make it look really handpainted and worn. I love how it turned out!
Eventually, it will hang on the "big wall space" I am still trying to organize...but until then, where to set it?

Or here?
As with all my crafts, it seems, I am just simply IN LOVE with the finished product!

Here is another one I made! 


  1. btw I like your second location:-) Ties in with the blues in the portrait.

    1. Yup! That is where I have it at the moment!