Monday, May 20, 2013

Crafty Day

So today I was on a roll - when I got my paint out to do the wrapped canvas, I grabbed a little bottle of acrylic in grey, and painted another 8x10 canvas. I saw this idea on pinterest - and figured I could make it myself really easily

I have a lot of ribbon in my craft stuff!!
Can you guess what this will be?
The back, just stapled ribbons tightly across the canvas
Ta-da!! I love it! A really handy place to put all our sunglasses...I can hardly ever find our sunglasses...with no official place to put them, they are always "flying around" and despite my efforts, I can't seem to keep them in a good spot.

Point in case, after I made this, I tried to round up the sunglasses, and this is all I could find (where they should have been) - missing Brian's, another pair of mine, and Grey's. Anyway, this will hold everything comfortably and hanging by the front excuse not to have them handy!
Something else I have been meaning to do for ages...wrap a cool looking olive oil bottle in twine. So I did it. A little twine (already in my stash), and a little hot glue, and we're good!!
Love it!
It has one issue, and I might try again, or unwrap the top and leave the bottom wrapped, or just try again and see if I can get it better. From a distance (which most people would be viewing it), it looks perfect, but up close, the top part has gaps. :-/ Oh well. Generally, it looks really good. I ran out of "nap time" today, so maybe tomorrow!


  1. looks like a very productive weekend! love those! and great job with all the crafting endeavours, everything looks awesome!

    I have something similar to your sunglasses ribbon hanger...but for hair clips for the girls!

    Super easy to do...and very pretty! All you need is a piece of cardboard/cardstock covered with paper or fabric, then add your ribbons/decor and then nice frame completes the look. I have mine just sitting on the girls dressers, but you could hang them as well!

  2. Same sort of thing happened with my baker's twine wrapped eggs :D lol You should join our once-a-month crafty link up!