Monday, May 20, 2013


An adventurous craft attempt for me...and it worked! Whew!!

Ok, so awhile ago, I got a "groupon" deal that was $90 worth of pictures printed on canvas, for $35, with free shipping. This is a STEAL people, really. As I was ordering, of course nothing would exactly equal $90, and I didn't want to go over, and I didn't want "wasted credit" sitting there either. They had this option...for a canvas print, but not on a frame. It was really cheap and filled in the credit gap to maximize my $90. (I think I was only a dollar shy of using it all up!) Anyway, they arrived, and they are great...and now what to do with them?

I decided to paint the edges black, as the pic itself was 8x10, and I got some 8x10 canvas's at walmart on sale for $4 for 2 of them. Yeehaw. We're in business!
One not yet painted, and one painted!

This is what I used. Just .97 acrylic black paint, I already had on hand in my supplies

both painted!
I googled how to stretch a canvas print and got some basics on how to handle the corners. It was REALLY easy, and quick! And done! I literally put this canvas over the only that came on the frame, as I wasn't sure how the frame would be if I removed the canvas from it.
and done! hanging them on existing hooks to show you! They won't really hang here.

I love this one!

I love!

The back
I am actually really proud of my myself for so easily accomplishing something I have never attempted before! :-)

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