Thursday, May 9, 2013

Picture Projects

Well, it all started with this: My parent's Christmas present to us. I love it!! My mom made the art, and sent money for printing and framing. I *love* it.
But where to put it? All my "picture" shelves/places are kinda full-up

So I've started collecting all the things I want to hang, and have no room for. I've got QUITE the collection!
Adding more to it by the day, it seems!..but where to hang them all?
Wall space is a little sparse around here...I thought of hanging everything in my bedroom, but no one would ever see that, as I don't usually entertain or run tours through there...

Then I decided I will take down the wall hangings here:
Wall above piano, seen as you walk in front door
And here:
Wall beside front door (inbetween front door and big window). These two spaces have been decorated this exact way for 8+ years now...
And I will make a photo collage wall kind of look. I want all kinds of things hanging, actually, not just pictures of us.

In our little hallway, Linus & Lucy (awesome pencil sketch cartoons we were given) used to hang here, but I've recently put pics of us in there. Linus & Lucy will find themselves in the livingroom now.

This is hanging in the hall too, visible as you come out of the bathroom. I will likely move this also to the livingroom and replace with a painting my Grandma painted for me.

So in addition to pictures, you KNOW I love quotes, right?! I love having them in my house, but I really only have about 5 inspirational things around right now...again, where to put issues...But with these new walls of space, I will have room! So I have started creating a few things I will have printed, put on canvas, put on wood...and lots of other pinterest-y things. Sneak peak?

I am making them as inspiration strikes, and have quite a few still to come - I can't wait to show you what I have planned for everything, but since I move at a snails pace, please don't hold your breathe. It will come, eventually...

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