Thursday, January 31, 2013


Like my banner? Suffice it to say, I'm in love. I will leave it up, much beyond Valentines day, I'm sure.

I wanted to use the heart. But I didn't want to say "love"...too...normal.
 I'm teaching the kids French, so...j'taime means I love you in French...but then I couldn't use that heart...

Lucky for me, j'adore means "I adore you" in French, but it carries a much stronger meaning in the translation. If you like someone its j'taime (but goes for regular love too). If you *love* them, it's more like j'adore:-) Even though there is a term for I like you (j'taime bien) - but yah. Some things are a little lost in translation. J'adore is the strongest way of expressing ones love. So remember that.

All that to say j'adore gives across the sentiment I desire and gives me a chance to replace an o with a heart. Heavenly.

J'taime. Truly.

And this is a printable I made. Because if your heart does not completely melt at the sight of William Darcy (Colin Firth) expressing his love to Elizabeth Bennett...well, it is very possible that you do not have a heart, at all. You and the Grinch.

I *think* this printable should be "printable" in a 12x12 size if you enlarge or click on the pic. If you want to be sure, just comment or ask me, and I will email you the file for printing.

I printed mine at Costco for 2.99 adhered it (with spray adhesive by 3M) to the cardboard/chip board 12x12 piece that came in the packaging from Costco, and sanded it a little bit, using a very fine crafting sand paper. This takes the photo matte/gloss sheen off of it, and reveals other browns and blues as you rub away the black. J'adore.
not a great pic due to flash glare, but it shows the blues & browns better, which is the result of the sanding. It looks amazing in living colour.

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