Friday, January 11, 2013

King Sized

We got a King sized mattress/boxspring!! Handmedown, of course (so grateful!!). A timely thing too, as our old Queen had pretty much bit the dust and we were feeling it in our backs. This one is nice and firm. And BIG! Love it!

Now to scrounge up a headboard, or make one? Pinterest? ...and then decorate the room, and paint it. Painting it was one of my goals for the summer, but we never got to it. Hopefully 2013 will have it all done. I have been collecting things and ideas towards its completion for awhile now. Yes colours in the room will be white, black and tan.
I need to get two Euro pillow "stuffers" for the matching Euro shams I have to go with the set...
While I am doing school with Kenna and Brooks, the little kids play. I guess the thing to do with a really big bed is pile ALL your toys on it. Thanks kids.
"Ta da! It's a tower!"

Yup, that is pretty close to all their toys piled up there :-/


  1. I saw a pair of king sized sheets on clearance at TJMaxx the other day for only $20. I almost called you but they were a floral pattern and I didn't think it looked like "you". Now seeing your bedspread I know they would not have gone well! Hope you like your new furniture!

  2. thanks for thinking of me! I will definitely need a pair of backup sheets, as this set is currently my only one (black sheets), but I know due to barf or something, someday, I'm going to need an extra set on hand!