Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ice Cream - Recipe

A healthy ice cream. Really? No, really! I came across this recipe from a friend, Michelle. It's not ice cream at all, in fact...but something I can eat on my Paleo styled diet, and something that is also lactose free, for those that have issue with that. There are TWO ingredients:
1 ripe banana, and Cocoa powder. That is it!
Prep work: You have to cut and freeze the banana. When bananas are getting too soft to eat, slice up, and freeze until "ice cream" fix is desired.
Needed: A food processor. Thanks to generous family members and Christmas time...I have one! (YEAH for me, I love it sooooo much!)
Start to blend the bananas. Just let it go 'round and 'round. They will get chunky/weird looking like this

Then add 2+ teaspoons of cocoa powder. I add about 3, but this is kind of to taste. Keep it blending and it will get all smooth and creamy and blended. Then it's done.

Then you eat it.
It has the consistency of a Frosty from Wendy's. Does not melt really at all, especially does not melt as quickly as homemade milk ice cream, and tastes mostly like cocoa/chocolate with a hint of banana in the background. Considering it's mostly banana, the flavour is very mild. Think like Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey:-)

It would probably even be nice if you stirred in a few choc chips, or even a crushed cookie, if you really wanted it to seem like real ice cream. Depending on your dietary needs (mine won't allow me to try this at the moment, but you bet I will be trying this someday).

It's one of those recipes you have to try to believe. Calorie've got a banana and a bit of cocoa powder, you're looking at approx 110 calories. Not too shabby for a midnight snack. Try it out. It's really is worth it! I have never been so obsessed with freezing leftover bananas, let me tell you:-)

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