Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowy Weekend - Video

THURSDAY, after much fanfare and anticipation, it started to snow. The kids ran outside immediately! This was the first snow since the winter of  2010, I believe!! The kids were thrilled!
Proof that it was snowing

trying to catch some snow!

Thursday's "accumulation" - it lasted all of 30 minutes and was gone.
FRIDAY - Around 3:15 or so, it started snowing, for real this time. My facebook status update at about 3:30 "I'm going to say this, at risk of sounding dumb to all those who experience real snowstorms and snowfalls, but man, "it's really coming down out there". Given my location and the rarity with which those words can be spoken, I justify myself."

The kids were thrilled, and ran out to destroy the freshly falling snow with myriads of footprints. 

Kenna: Mom, you know, eating snow is very delightful! taste like snow cones, only with no dye

Kenna: Ok. wow. I totally need mitts. I don't even care if they don't match
Going to bed Friday night. It really snowed!
SATURDAY morning: More snow playing fun!

We had to have hot chocolate, and a dance party in the house to warm up:-)
SUNDAY morning: The snow is completely gone in places where there are no shadows. So basically, none of our neighbours have any more snow, but we do, since we have so many trees! haha!!

It sure was fun while it lasted!

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