Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend! - Video

A busy weekend for all! A few highlights...
Thank you for Christmas Stocking Stuffers!...using up my Starbucks gift cards. A perfect thing for a chilly early morning basketball practice!

Saturday was cold in the morning! We could see our breathe (really one of the few times this year), and we also had frost! Also pretty much a first for this year too! Wow!! The kids just had to go out and touch it, and see how cold it was.
Shopping at Kroger. The kids adore these little carts. Grey got his own cart for the very first time, and he was very responsible with it.
Unloading the contents of his cart:-)

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  1. We got $85 in gift cards for Starbucks for Christmas :D lol And don't even talk to me about cold. How's -23 C?! ;0)