Friday, February 1, 2013

NOT Pregnant

Random realization: This is the longest I have not been pregnant, since getting married.

Married - 2 year anniversary = pregnant
Baby - 5 months later = pregnant
Baby - 2 years later = pregnant
Baby - almost 3 years later = NOT pregnant!
Pic taken on Mar 10, 2010. Grey was born 11 days later, and yes, I got even BIGGER. I am wearing an XL maternity shirt in this pic, and it's stretched to the max!
I guess I can't say I really miss that very much. Haha. Love the baby results like crazy, but the whole lugging them around for 40 weeks thing I could definitely do without;-)

Basically, all this really does is make me realize how FAST time has flown by, especially since Grey has been born. Can't believe he's coming on THREE. Whew. Life is such a blur.

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