Friday, February 22, 2013

Donuts & Pancakes - Recipes

Easy Peasy Donuts 
1 package grands biscuits (the normal kind)
oil (I used peanut, since I have an abundance of it)
white sugar (or whatever else you want for topping)
brown paper bag
Either cut the biscuit rounds into 4ths or 8ths for Timbits (I did 4ths), or, if you have a small circle cookie cutter, cut out the center for a real donut shape. Heat the oil, and fry them up!
Put some sugar in a bag, drop in the hot donuts, and shake.
Eat while hot. YUM. Bet you can't eat just one! They are sooooo good, and take only minutes to make. Beyond amazing.
This is what I do with any discarded oils from cooking (beef fat, bacon grease etc)...I wash out a spaghetti sauce jar or similar (pickle etc), and keep it under the sink. When it's full of gross oils, I toss it, and use another jar. Don't pour the oils in there boiling hot, you don't want the glass to shatter. Wait until cooled to pour into the grease jar.
Healthy pancake type thing, with only 2 ingredients. Naturally gluten free, and paleo etc approved!

2 bananas
4 whole eggs
(oil for pan - I used coconut)

whir them all around in food processor until smooth
Oil/grease your pan, and use about 1/4C per pancake. They are more fragile than a normal pancake, so don't make them too large, and be careful when flipping.
Top with fruit if you like, and syrup for a yummy pancake experience! The kids and I all loved these. The banana flavour is very light, and it is rather crepe like perhaps in it's feel. I bet it may taste pretty good with a bit of cocoa powder added for a chocolate version? I'll try that next time. A healthy meal overall, and one that even the kids liked and I didn't feel like it was "diet food".

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