Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Basketball Finale

Brooks had his final day of basketball on Saturday. That night was the "grand finale" for the year. A former Harlem Globetrotter came and spoke to the kids, it was really good. After his speaking he performed a few tricks (on the video).

Also on the video...cheerleaders. Until Saturday, Kenna was completely unaware of the existence of this opportunity. And now no more. Guess who want to do cheerleading next year? I knew about it, they start cheering in Kindergarten, actually, but since Brian and I had not been involved in this league before, we didn't know what all it would entail, and we just decided not to go there this year. Seeing what they do and the organization, I am more comfortable with it now, so perhaps next year she'll have her chance:-) You should have seen her jaw drop when she saw those cute little girls come out.

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