Friday, February 8, 2013

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I have been recently able to convert lots of video (mini tapes from camcorder, and VHS tapes). Posting these on my Archives blog. I didn't want to add all kinds of way old stuff here. These video are raw and unedited - straight from the tapes.

I have tried to post them and tag them with kids names, and the proper dates of when it was taken. Since I started this blog (My Crazy Life) in 2007, of course we missed all of Kenna's first year. So I started an archive blog, in 2007 also, for all her first year pics. Oh how I wish I had known about blogging in '05-'06, I regret so much not having her first year as our only baby documented, as I do for the others. Oh well! Brooks has a shocking lack of video footage compared to Kenna - back then we only had the camcorder with the tapes, and it was just so cumbersome to get out and use, compared to my "new" digital camera.

Anyway, this stuff is literally home movies (similar to snippets I post here), so nothing very interesting, truly. Unless you want to smile and go back and see a pudgy baby face:-) I only mention it, really, for the sake of the grandparents, and as an explanation as to why I've not taken many pictures recently.

I am continually updating with more of my videos - my goal is to have them 100% converted and uploaded by March! I have been hitting this goal hard over the past 2 weeks, and wow. It's time consuming! Up next, converting footage from our first Christmas together in 2003. Wowsers.

Here is an ADORABLE video from 2007. My youngest sister, Maryn just turned 7 years old the week before. She had quite a dramatic flair for storytelling. It is sooo cute. And to think, now Kenna is about to turn 7. 

Watching this video, Kenna says "Wow. I wish I could have been there to see this, because this story sounds soooo ahhhh, complicated." Maryn spares no details, so while complicated, it is a fairly thorough description of the death of one of our family dogs, Kirby.

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