Saturday, January 8, 2011

You Can Do It Too!

Wanna know why people read my blog? Or at least the thing that gets commented on most frequently when people talk to me...

Kid Kwotes & Kwips

People will send me a facebook message just to say they were laughing to tears over the funny stuff my kids said.

Here is some inspiration for can do it too! If you have kids that is. If not, chances are, your husband will not appreciate you quoting all the ridiculous things he says. If you have a blog, blog it. If not, get a notebook, and get writing. Your kids, (even the "who cares Boys") will love this when they are teens/adults, and get quite a chuckle.

I was inspired to do this by my Mom, who has kept such a notebook for each of us. A few moments of hilarity that I remember from those books (siblings name kept secret to spare potential embarrassment:-)

One of us, (telling someone why we missed church, I think), "We gots Aids" - in actuality, we had head lice.

One of us, after falling off their chair at dinner, "Don't worry, I am not picking my backside, I'm just getting the underwear out"

If you wonder if your kids ever say anything funny, they do. And they did. You just don't remember it. So from the moment they start talking, write it down! You will love the memories and never regret the little time it takes to get it 'down' somewhere. I will literally be scribbling down a convo in progress on an old coupon while driving, or call myself and leave a message with the funny story/quote. Even I have missed quite a few funnies, because it wasn't 'recorded' in some way instantly, and I'll remember it vaguely 3 weeks later. It doesn't always have to be funny. It just has to be notable. Sweet, cute, hilarious,'s all notable!

Just start doing it! You'll love the memories! You can thank my Mom for the inspiration!

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