Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarah's Names

I've been watching Sarah Palin's Alaska show on TLC (I dvr it, it's on Sunday nights = football game time, so I watch it during the week whenever I can). I remember when she was first introduced to "the world" as John McCain's running mate (McCain vs Obama election, big deal in the USA = nobody cares in Canada:-). I immediately thought I might like her, political views aside, when I heard the names of her kids. I love them, because I feel like they are "mine". They fit into my style. In fact, these exact names are on my list (the girls names). Bristol stands out as my fave here.

Sarah has a niece, McKinley, also on my list.

Her boys are Track and Trig, which, believe it or not, are a little too creative for me. Did you think that was possible? That my choices, when compared with those names, might be called more traditional? HAH! I do like them, in theory, but I would never use them. The difference between Like and Love. I love her girls names, meaning, I would actually name one of my own daughters one or all of those names. If only my husband weren't standing in my creative path! Or maybe you are all glad he is!!

Girls names are a huge hurdle for me, personally. I know others have the same issue with boys names. More about that topic later...!


  1. girls names are hard to choose for me. I could name a lot of boys with names I LOVE! And Piper....the name I've already chosen for my next Cairn Terrier. I had no idea you loved the name. "Culzean's Piper". You can verify with your younger siblings. Culzean being the Kennedy's castle in Scotland built for David Kennedy, the 19th Earl of Cassillis in 1777-1792. So my little dog can be my Piper in my castle! :) Next names....very important! ;) Sorry if that ruins the naming of my next granddaughter!

  2. lol, no no, the next granddaughter you get from me (if any!) will definitely be Shaughnessy! Oddly in the library today I overheard a mom telling her son he had read that book with Auntie Shaunghnessy. llllooooovvvvve. Piper is a cool name for a dog too! - And I think Taryn is a great name for a person (she was our dog growing up). I recently told someone the story about how Taryn fell through the ice and someone thought I was talking about a sibling, lol!