Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kenna's Hair

She was born with tons of it, and it's just kept growing! With minor cuts and trims along the way, it's been growing like a weed for her whole life. And she loves it. She likens herself to "Tangled", which is really Rapunzel, but she just calls her Tangled. However, she hates having her hair brushed, and with so much of it, it gets tangled, a lot. No pun intended:-) We were finally able to convince her to cut some of her hair off, reassuring her that no one would think she is a boy.
Before the cut. Long, beautiful hair!
Drum roll.....
And AFTER!!! It's still pretty long, actually, but we cut quite a bit off, as you can see!


  1. So is it enough for a wig for her doll?
    Looks beautiful, Kenna!

  2. She has gorgeous hair! I kind of wish Hannah's hair could be long, but it's so wavy and gnarly hers looks better short.