Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quick Update!

I have some posts I am working on, but just a little update!

We are back to the daily routine -in part- anyway. Sonny is back, and will be 1 year old this month. I am trying to get him and Grey back on the same nap schedule. Jack's mom had her baby...little Ardyn Isabel on Dec 31st. So we are on a break from Jack & Ardyn until maternity leave is over, and then it'll be those two little ones also! I am reworking Brooks & Kenna's naps/quiet times too during this break, so we are ready for the new little baby. My house isn't big enough to accommodate 6 sleeping children at once, so we'll make some adjustments so the babies have napping priority! (K & B rarely actually sleep anymore anyway).

Schoolwork is going along well. Kenna is halfway through the Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten material, and loving it. She's a reader! This summer we have to register Kenna for school and request permission to home school. I'm already nervous about this a little, just because of some of the requirements that our state has (one of which is to provide the high school diploma's of the parents). Since Brian and I were both home schooled, and "back in the day"...we don't have any written proof that we've obtained any sort of education whatsoever! There are other ways around this rule, but they just are much more involved than simply showing your diploma. I'm sure I'm fretting over nothing here, but it will be a huge sigh of relief to have DONE this once, and know what the process will be for the future. In our state you must "apply" to home school every year, for every child.

I am about to start some bookkeeping again, part time, and only for a short time. I just got the call yesterday, from the contracting company I used to work for. It's just entering the accounts payable (remotely), so it's pretty mindless data entry (of thousands of Home Depot receipts, basically), but I love it!

I have a few goals for this new year, and I hope to get 'em done! We'll see. Anyway, I'll get taking pics and posting in no time at all!!

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