Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Jan

What a CRAZY month this has been! My goodness. Glad it's over, however, it has also been full of God's blessing and goodness. What can I say? I love My Crazy Life. Looking forward to a slower February. I hope. I can foresee 2011 flying by in record time. Our "forever baby" is really not a baby anymore, even though we all call him that. He's just over 10 months, and taking LOTS of steps (record being about 20 or so!), he pretty much walks to where ever he is going, might drop to a crawl for a few of the steps when he loses his balance, and then back to walking he goes!

His newest discovery...
He walks over to Kenna...

He throws himself down on her blanket, and hangs on...

She drags him around the house, usually very fast, which he seems to love!

Whipping around to turn a corner. Grey loves the thrill! It faster than walking OR crawling!

All tuckered out!

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