Monday, January 17, 2011

Canadian Pop Cans

...have made it to the USA. Wow. Took them long enough:-) I remember the first "American" pop I the Kosmachuk's house. I was probably 11 or 12 (but I could have been a bit younger). We mocked its chubby shape. Then we realized it was larger, so it became cool. If it was served in an American can, we'd gladly accept it, because we knew we'd be getting more! Eventually, the "Canadian size" was no where to be found with the incoming of all things American, like Dr Pepper, Walmart, and Little Debbie cakes. Soon all we had were the "chubby ones". Since everyone is trying to slim down these days, guess what I saw? Lower calorie soda/pop. It's the same stuff, it's just in the smaller can, so it's less calories. Packaging and marketing is brilliant:-)

Here's a pic of the old "Canadian size". There is no lip on the can, coming off of the top rim. It just goes straight down, so it's skinnier (and thereby smaller).

Here is the traditional size, which comes out wider than the rim on the top. Looks so normal to me now, but I remember thinking this was the weirdest can I had ever seen. Pop is like fashion, it comes around every 20 years or so, apparently :-)

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