Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer's Here!

You can tell by looking at my calendar - during the school year, it's empty! And the moment school lets out - we go full throttle on the fun! Well, mostly fun. So far this week we've had 2 dentists appointments (1 cleaning - Grey, and 1 cavity filled - me), and 1 doctor checkup - for Brian, in which the doctor called him an indestructible man who didn't need to be seen again until after 40, unless an issue arises. While encouraging news, I am not sure Brian needed to hear those words - lol. It's soooo hard to get him to go to a doctor! Now he's got an excuse - he's indestructible;-)

We cram all our fun into about 8 weeks! Next week - VBS!
We're praying our income tax refund comes SOON. We have plans for the summer that require it! This years taxes have been nothing short of a nightmare, really. Anyway, hoping we get the money sometime before NEXT year:-P

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