Sunday, June 16, 2013

About Daddy

I asked the kids a few questions for Fathers Day, just too see how well they know their Daddy:-)

What is the most important thing Dad has taught you?
K: How to ride a two wheeler bike
B: To obey your parents

What do you like best about Dad?
B: I like when he plays football with me
K: I like that he works for us
G: hugging

What is Dad's favourite food?
G: Chips!
B: Hamburgers
G: Flench fwies
K: Pizza
G: And he loves dwinks too!

What does Daddy do for his work?
B: I know! What was the question again?...oh! He gets paid money if he works very hard
K: He works so we won't get poor
G: He dis works

...ok, but what does he DO at work?
(B & G = clueless expressions)
K: he works with tools

What is Daddy's favourite colour?
B: Blue
K: Green
G: Gween

What kind of truck does Dad drive?
B: That's a tricky one...
K: a Chef? Is it a Chef?
B: I know it's a truck, it's grey, it's a rectangle on the trunk park, and the top is similar to a square

What is Daddy good at?
B: sports
G: Yah, he does spoy-ts, he does dat
K: working

What is Daddy bad at?
B: That is a tough one...
K: He's bad at finding hairbrushes

What is Dad's favourite sport?
B: football
K: hockey
G: numbers

Who is Daddy's best friend?
K: I think Josh Dufek

Where is Dad from?
B: the United States!


  1. ha!! the hair brush thing killed me. So good :)

    1. if it were me, I would have said "finding his keys"...haha, but yah, he's not the best finder/looker in the world, LOL