Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy Week

Well, the kids were at VBS, Monday through Friday, and they had a blast.

Brian has been working lots - his job has transitioned from Superintendent to Project Manager, and so he's bidding out jobs like crazy and even has his own office now. The company is getting work and making new connections, much in part to Brian's diligence there, which is a good thing. With an unsteady economy in the construction just never know. One thing we can count on though, it that God is faithful! Not always in the ways we think, but always. So we rest in that when the times seem more "lean" than plentiful. In any case, as seems to always be the case, Brian is swamped with work, however, he is really enjoying his position which makes any frustrations that arise easier to deal with on his part.

And me? Oh, I'm basically doing nothing at all. Blissful, right?!

This week, in our "spare time" - we put up a bamboo fence. It's just a little privacy shield - it's still kinda see-thru, but it helps and it's pretty much all we could afford to do, fencing wise, at this point.

We fenced in the trampoline side of the yard, so it doesn't seem like the kids are jumping "on public property". It's hard to convey in pictures I guess, but with the position of our house and yard, pretty much everything is visible from every angle on the street. You can do gates with a bamboo fence, you have to make "entryways" :-)

 Now we have a little boundary set up

When buying the bamboo fence, Brian saw flowering cherry and pear trees on sale - so he bought one for each of us, not including himself. We each have one to care for, he said:-)

We planted them today, and Brian really loves them. Because of our horrid pine trees, I am the opposite of a tree-hugger, I'm a tree they only make me very mildly pleased. But Brian loves them, so that is what counts:-)

Here's the other side of the house & fence. You maybe can't tell from the picture here, but they are not attached - 1 fence is in front of the other, and the overlap in the middle, giving an "entryway" appearance to it, you have to walk around a little s-curve to get in on that side.

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