Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catch Up

A few random pics from this week...

Tired from last weekends Chincoteague adventure, Brooks fell asleep on the couch, with his football, of course.
The pic doesn't show it too well, I guess, but I got a little crispy on my face:-) No makeup other than eye stuff on...and lots of moisturizer...put I peeled a bit anyway.

Grey thought this was a caterpillar, and kept it as a pet for about 30 minutes. It was really part of a plant, but there was no convincing him of that.
We are done with Sonny & May for the summer!
Ready, set, RACE!
It's very fun to drive your own remote control car directly at yourself, and then jump over it
A dead snake in the road. A rat snake maybe? Based on the shape of the head, a poisonous one. EEEEWWWW. I did *NOT* let Grey touch this one!

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