Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Woodpecker

Well, Kenna's bird watching is still in full swing. She often takes my camera out, giving me tons of footage and pictures of nonsense. You would not believe all the birds that have apparently made a habitat in our yard. An eagle. A heron. A chickadee in the middle of summer...basically - "oh woooow, neat..." I don't believe a word they say. Of course the pics are so blurry - it could be Big Foot and you couldn't tell. Until yesterday - she found a woodpecker, and she can prove it.

I'll admit, even watching the ever-nauseating video, I doubted her claims. "It had a red head, Mom!" was likely a cardinal, honey...sure enough, if you watch at the 1:00-1:10 mark - there is in fact a woodpecker in our front Live Oak (the one that was hit by the truck). I guess I need to give a little more credence to her claims - maybe she DOES know what all these birds look like:-)

I included the rest of the video because her running commentary is too cute. If you are easily prone to motion sickness, watch it with your eyes closed. The only thing to see is that 10 second clip containing the woodpecker...don't believe me? See for yourself...

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