Monday, June 3, 2013

Canvas Art for sale

Well, I am starting up a little Etsy shop, and a facebook page...and selling my canvas art. Something I would not normally be inclined to do, but Brian really insisted that I should try. So here goes! I secretly think he was just worried that he would be over-run with canvas's, heehee!!

So here is my shameless plug! If you know of anyone that would like this type of thing, let me know, or please pass along my info to them! I am charging $20 for the 12x12's, $15 for the smaller things, and $30 for 16x20. Your choice of colours, and your own quote and font choices! I'm thinking these would be awesome gifts for family members for Christmas, Mothers Day, Baby room decor (with their name, or something like "oh the places you'll go" etc). We'll see if the idea takes off!

So far I've had 2 orders:-) Yay!! And I finished them already, but one I can't post yet, because it's a gift.

This one I made for someone, their quote and their choice of colours - tan & brown

a cute way to make kids "handprint art" something you can keep forever and proudly display!

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