Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ca'merican Art

Well, July is approaching, which means Canada Day and Independence Day are coming! Here are a few ideas for your patriotic decor this year...Since we are "Ca'merican", we mush all the patriotism together, of course:-)
I printed off the images at Costco (cheapest place to do so for prints, I think). For the American flag art, and the Liberty bell art, I made my own little "stand" for them. I adhered them to a thin chipboard - similar to a cereal box...and put a bend in this:
A quick easy way to display something like this - you don't need a frame or other ...great for items you aren't leaving out year around.
So, I couldn't really find any Canadian stuff that I loved, that was available to print for free from online (like the American stuff) - so I made my own! I printed mine in 11x14, but you can also do 8x10. I really really love it! Here is the image, contact me if you want me to email you the full file for the best printing.
My cute, happy little patriotic display only took minutes to throw together! Very red & white & red & white & blue:-)

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