Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Canadian Food

Americans think Canada is just the same as the USA.

Correction, -- Americans who have never been to Canada think it's the same.

If you've been, you know the truth. America may be superior by way of guns and attitude, but Canada does food like America has never seen. Considering the obesity levels in the USA, it's probably a good thing that they don't have access to the goodness that is Canadian junk food. And I'm not just saying that. I promise you, Americans who know, or other "duals" will back me up here, Canada has 3 times (at minimum) the amount of junk foods and candy choices and varieties. The fact that you have never had a Coffee Crisp should inspire you to book a flight, asap.

Don't even get me started on the Bulk Barn (dubbed the Crown Jewel of Canada by Brian:-).

Anyway, Canada does have a few oddities by way of food, I snapped a few pics...remember milk in bags? Well, thats not the only funny thing...

I have recipes that call for "old cheddar". If you're American, you'd prefer your cheese sharp

Butter or Becel? That is the honest to goodness legit question the guy giving you your popcorn at the movie theatre asks. The Canadian love affair with margarine is admittedly peculiar, seeing as its terrible for you. But margarine is called for in many a recipe, and you will find it in so many forms, your head will spin. Why, it even gets its own {very large} section at the grocery store:-) {Note: there was no "butter" signage at the store, at all}

What? You don't call it Soya sauce? Soya beans? Soya beverages? Well, nevermind then. You wouldn't know what I'm talking about...
Thrills Gum...it still tastes like soap. While not a great example of yumminess, it can vouch towards variety. If you like eating soap or perfume, you have a viable option here. I bought a pack so Brian and the kids could experience the Thrill of it. There is something for everyone:-)

The All Dressed chip. My hands down fave chip flavour. The day the USA starts to carry this chip is the day that I will stop eating the entire bag by myself, whenever I get my hands on one:-) Brian claims the name would not be a big seller in the US, but it tastes so great, who cares what it's called? Brian has some issues with the phrases that Canadians say. For example, if playing Crokinole with him, shout "Dukie" extra loud and watch him squirm. Or just say Regina, or homo milk. That'll get the Americans every.single.time.


  1. haha! The last little bit about Regina and homo milk cracked me up. So true!

  2. is it sad that I don't even know what Thrills is? Gotta love the slogan... anytime soap ever went in my mouth it was as a punishment, so I don't know how much enjoyment I would get from the gum!:-)