Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well, the last time I traveled was last June, with Grey. And he was very nearly murdered under the justification that I could make another one just like him:-) Arriving was a hellacious 16 hr ordeal that I should hope will never be repeated in my lifetime (trip home was a bit better). And I'm going to try it again. Because I have that much faith in the evolution of his character:-)This time I will be traveling with all 3 kids, and one husband one way, and all three kids alone on the return trip.

Where are we headed? Saskatchewan. I've never been there, but have heard it's the flattest of all the Provinces of Canada. True prairie lands. As good news goes, it is considerably closer to our starting location, than Grande Prairie is, so we should only have 2 flights and 1 layover. This SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN to me! My dad retired last year, and they moved the family to SK. Leaving behind 2 siblings and their wives and children in Alberta. Now, as large families can do...they've taken over! Between my parents and siblings, they now own 4 homes within the city limits of Regina.

Yes, I said it. Regina. {coughcough}. I am now aware of *whatitrhymeswith*. I never thought about it in my life, as apparently no one in Canada has a dirty mind...but then you come here and say the name in a crowd of people. Who all literally stop, and stare aghast because you’ve just said that word in public, loudly and unashamedly. They say Ruh-gee-na in the US. But I don't. Mostly for shock value. HOMO MILK baby!! Vive la Canada!

So with family in our original homeland of Ontario, and now Alberta, Saskatchewan and Virginia...aren't we just all over the map?

Saskatchewan is in the middle of Canada - sandwiched between Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west. It is famous for being the easiest Province for a kindergartener to draw. Regina is the Capitol of the Province, and is fairly south as you can see. It is 2116 miles away from Norfolk, and would take us 36+ hours of non-stop driving, one way. Which is why we're flying.

Consider this your Canadian geography lesson for the day, Americans. Because heaven knows you've never studied it in school. A Province is the same as a State, by the by. It's not a Providence. That is something else. And no, we are not bringing snow jackets:-)

Now that my folks are in a big city...they have internet that is not dial up! That is good news for you folks, I will be able to post from there instead of waiting until I get home. If I steal time away from the all the fun that is! But I can at least get wedding details posted for all the family that was not able to make it.

Stay tuned. Fun, family and love ahead! If you (family unable to make it) want to see or hear something specific - let me know! I will do my best to coerce the unruly relatives and get the pic or video. I am personally still waiting for the underwear, socks and bagpipe pic of Logan. lol. - but I promise lots of everything eventually. PROMISE! - unless I die on the airplane - then I unpromise. :-D Ever tell you how I'm not a huge fan of flying?

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  1. I'm still trying to Coerce Logan into letting me TAKE the picture of him in his underwear and socks with the pipes haha!! I will get it someday!