Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Diet" Update

Well, since I started this "diet" (really a lifestyle shift) on April 29th...I've lost 15 lbs for good, and then I bounce back and forth daily (as you fluctuate during the day) sometimes, (early in the morning) I've lost 18 lbs, and then by bed time I've lost 15lbs. So definitely 15...can't wait until that is definitely 18 and bouncing around to 20! That would mean only 10 more to go! Anyway, I basically eat lean meat and veggies with very little change up...but I am oddly ok with this and not bored yet. My daily "goal" for sugars is only 24g...which I go over pretty much everyday, as a grapefruit, carrots and an apple put my over for sure. If I happen to make a smoothie - forget it! But at least they are natural sugars and not sugar. I feel like I've definitely broken my addiction to sugars and carbs. Good thing.

I also started doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred this week. I am very sore. And very tired. But I'm doing it, and am interested to see what kind of results I experience. Trying to be disciplined, so that even eating "normal food" (smaaaaaaall portion size), I will at least maintain, and not gain...true test will be our vacation later this month!

All in all - I've experienced a pretty quick and encouraging weight loss for my effort, which I appreciate:-) I'm eating 1200 cals a day now, give or take. And Brian's lost 10 lbs and is running now, so positive changes all around!

We haven't had our weekly family pizza night in AGES, and I miss it. But I don't trust myself yet, not to indulge in the whole thing. Yum:-)

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  1. How you will do on your holidays is help your mother eat right! ;)