Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farewell, Teeball - Video

The last game of the season was today. Sad! The kids had so much fun and learned so much...and did so well! Their coach was amazing and the last few practices has been Coach pitching, instead of using the tee. Today, they hit the ball from Coach's pitches in the game!! The beginning of the video clip is their hitting (Brooks #7, Kenna #4-leftie), the end is the award ceremony (part of it anyway:-) Thank you to an amazing Coach and assistant Coach for working with the kids. We are already looking forward to next season!

The awards ceremony part and the coach's little intro to each of them starts at 2:11
Last game for the only girl on the team

He's sad to see it end

He's just cute

Sitting on the bench, watching the big kids play "beethbaw"

"knucks" with Daddy

A picture with Coach Ron
Their trophies and personal pics (a magazine cover and a baseball card). CUTE.
* They sent out an email a few weeks ago, asking for correct spellings of names for the trophies. Both Kenna and Brooks decided to have their real first names put on the trophy.

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