Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hair Cuts

Well, if one thing would be true about us, it's that we all have extremely full heads of hair. All five of us. And it grows too fast. There are worse problems to have, but...seriously. It's kind of a pain to keep on top of:-) So...get ready for a summer shocker!!
Brooks - keeping it long, just thinning, and trim in the front

Only a small trim in the front and some layering. I was tempted to buzz it, as he is the only one with the ears for it...but I couldn't do it. I love long hair.
Speaking of LONG:



It's a cute and adorable little cut, and it looks sooooo good on her. She is quite pleased's easy to brush!!
After Brooks saw her cut, he said "Kenna, you look like Annie!" (Brian's sister). He is sooo right. She takes after Ann in many ways, and the short hair helps to bring that out!

Thank you Daddy for doing an awesome job once again! I'm getting mine done (not by Brian:-) next Saturday! Can't wait!

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  1. Yay! Love haircut time! We have the opposite problem (except for the boys). Us girls' hair grows like SNAILS! Naomi has barely little more hair than she had a year ago. Can't wait to see your new do!