Saturday, June 16, 2012

One to Nine

 Anniversary time! Next year is ten years...we can't believe it!
Flowers to "my bride" :-) With a sweet card

We made reservations at HK (Hell's Kitchen) on the Bay, in Chick's Beach. Great place and yummy food. We've been there before, but it was years ago!

Best crab dip you've ever had!

Tequila Lime Chicken Fajitas for me!

And a heart attack for dessert! This is FOUR deep fried brownies, with ice cream. We saved 2 for the kids!
 We had a fun night, talking about investment properties, mortgages (we're insane, I know), and then we were trying to remember what we've done on each of our anniversaries. It was actually pretty hard, but we remember 7 out of 9...not bad, I think?! Since we aren't ones to make a big deal about celebrations - we mostly just go out to eat:-) We're low key like that. And poor like that. haha. It was fun reminiscing!

#1 - We had just moved to Virginia Beach about 10 days before our anniversary, and were living on a friends' futon until our apartment was available. So we got a hotel room on the ocean front for the night and had dinner on the patio of a restaurant on the water too. Apparently the cook cut his finger BADLY while making our food, causing a significant delay in our service, we waited over an hour for our food.

#2 - The Freemason Abbey for dinner. Brian ate ostrich, and the caesar salad was "real" with anchovies in it. THAT was a shocker, for sure. We are definitely not accustomed to fine dining, lol!

#3 - Kenna was just born...must've just gone out to eat with her, but don't remember...Brian thought maybe we got Thai food, but this is a big maybe. ?

#4 - Brooks was not quite 6 weeks old, and Brian was working in Lynchburg, I drove the kids up there and we stayed a bed & breakfast that was built by Thomas Jefferson's nephew. We stayed in a separate cottage/house/slave quarters...very cool! and we ate at local (yummy) pizza place for dinner - it was kinda the only thing nearby, but we love pizza, so we were thrilled.

#5 - We were at a Tides baseball game on the 14th, with the youth group! We stole away for a little bit (leaving teens with other chaperones), and ate dinner in the restaurant there that overlooks the game.

#6 - We went to Catch 31, which was significantly more expensive than we'd remembered, having gone there years before hand. The portion sizes were also SO small, we left, literally starving and having to eat more food. I got a teeny piece of fish, and 3 baby carrots (no other sides!). For about $30. It was crazy! Not going back there.

#7 -My family was in town for vacation - so maybe we didn't go out? Can't remember. ?

#8 - Keagan's Irish Pub for dinner, Cold Stone for dessert, shopping for the bathroom remodel (towel racks etc)

#9 - HK on the Bay for dinner

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