Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SK Update

I'm doing terribly with getting pics on here, WHILE I'm still here. It's harder than you might imagine to find a moments peace and an available laptop when surrounded by what sounds like 1000 warriors. It's really 26 people, talking, laughing, playing and enjoying each other company. But it's loud:-) And about to get louder as more out of town friends arrive for the wedding later this week.

I've got some great pics to share of some touristy stuff we've done. I hope to get to it soon, today after we visit another site (combo post). Still collecting video footage of music playing, singing, etc...Then I need to watch it all and condense it into watchable portions of 20 seconds or so. Nobody wants to watch 3 hours solid, I'm sure. I'll try to keep you on the edge of your seats with the highlights. But there is, by the way, some awesome music going on around here:-)

Grey has still not quite adjusted to the time change, waking up each day at 5am. It doesn't help that the sun is high in the sky by 5am! Although we're not nearly as northern as the old house was in Alberta, (almost 24 summer days!) - we are still north, and it still is pretty sunny around here!! Bright skies are harder to ignore when you're little I guess.

Overall moods and behaviour has been great from all the kids (and adults)! All the little cousins are having fun together, and are carefully watched over by Uncle Lehman and Auntie Maryn. Yesterday, Kenna and Brooks were fighting (boxing)...60 seconds rounds, with 30 second breaks for coaching, says Lehman. Uhhhhhh. Ooook. LOL! Of course I can't say a word - we used to do the same thing to the "little boys" (Davis, Logan & Kaden). So a "just be careful" is about all I'm permitted to say:-) I really hope to go through pics this afternoon and post some. If I don't, I will eventually:-)

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