Monday, July 2, 2012

Wascana Kayaking - Video

Ok, I will slowly start catching up with my posts, as I can:-) They are not necessarily in a particular order, so bear with me with this process. Eventually, they`ll all be online and it will all make better sense I`m sure.

On June 23rd, Davis and Danielle invited us over to their new home for breakfast. Dani has a marvelous sense of style, and their home is wonderful and inviting. I will post pics of their colours and decor on the Kennedy blog, soon.
They hosted a ton of people!
They made us the most delicious breakfast pitas...a greek kind of food on a puffy soft pita, omelette, feta, etc...One of the most filling and amazing breakfasts I`ve ever had!

My nephew, Keaton. Finding ways to climb into or onto things was his specialty:-)

Nap time for Grey!

Davis doing the dishes in his soon to be home (Dani was already living there)
Kenna, loving all the family time
After brunch we went to a nearby park, Wascana Centre. Davis and Danielle have a little hobby of kayaking, so they took us out to try.
At the park

Brooks` first time to kayak with Uncle Lehman

My first time kayaking, ever! It was really fun and not as tippy as I thought:-)
Some video of the kids kayaking

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