Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The "Ledge"

When the Dominion of Canada was formed, it included the current Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Saskatchewan joined much later, and Regina was the headquarters to rule all of the "Northwest Territories" (including current SK, Northwest Territories, Manitoba & Yukon). Once it joined the Dominion of Canada, it remained the Canadian "Centre" of the west. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are headquartered here, and since it's the capitol of the Province, the Legislature is here too. We took a tour, and it was great! Here are a few pics...

Canada follows the British structure of government. It is very different from US goverment, and in my opinion, as a foreigner trying to learn the ways of the US governmental system - a very easy and simple system to follow. The US systems are quite complex by comparison.

They recently opened a section of wall that had a time capsule in there. There was a Bible, some letters and some money inside. They will be putting in a new time capsule this year, and it will be opened in 100 years.

Prince Charles and Camilla were in town just 3 weeks ago.

Speaker of the House, Brian. Where is his mace?

A painting of the First Nations in the Prairie Lands

Domed ceiling

Marked with the Royal insignia

The Legislative Room. There is a painting of Queen Victoria at the front. She was the Queen when SK joined the Dominion of Canada

Chair where the Speaker of the House sits. He is appointed by the majority, but must remain impartial to both sides.

The newly formed Saskatchewan Party is in the majority. Brad Wall is the Premier of the Province. This is the side of the house where they sit.

On the left sits the Opposition. In this case it is the NDP (New Democratic Party), they hold a mere 9 seats. Not enough to pass or oppose anything, but I'm sure they make their voices loudly heard during sessions. You have to be pretty good at shouting, if you are a politician:-)

This is currently the Library, but it used to be the room where they legislature met, before the completion of the main part of the building

One of these massive clocks (with Royal insignia) turned up missing (stolen?) many years ago

Former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John Diefenbaker. The only Prime Minister to ever hail from Saskatchewan

A statue honouring the WWI warriors from the Prairies. The Legislature Building is full of this amazing green marble, imported from Spain (? I think that's where they said)

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