Monday, July 30, 2012

Flower Girl

Next week, Kenna is about to be a flower girl for the 3rd time:-) Really though it is the first time that she remembers...she was technically a flower girl in my sister Lauryn's wedding, and then my brother Brent's wedding, both in 2008. She was 23 and 27 months for those, and doesn't remember them at all.

Lauren's wedding (Brian's sister) is on August 4th, and with much anticipation, Kenna and Brooks are the flower girl and "ring master".

I was a flower girl one time. And looking at the dates on the back of the was also on August 4th!!!...1984. So I was 5 years old, and Kenna is 6.

Here she is, modeling my flower girl dress, from 28 years ago!
Darla - flower girl dress was made by my mom. I loved it because it was so poofy. And she made me a special pretty apron for at the reception so I wouldn't spill on it:-) It's in pristine condition all these years later!

Darla, with the bride, Susan
Kenna - vintage style

Such a cutie. We really look nothing alike, in my opinion!

Practicing her hair for Lauren's wedding. It will be professionally done, but we want to have an idea/direction to give the stylist

I felt like Ann of Green Gables, with puffed sleeves! I don't know that Kenna was all that impressed with it:-)

Unless my shoes had a bit of a heel (I don't remember. ?. Kenna is wearing flat flip flops), it would appear as though I was taller at 5 than she is at 6:-)


  1. Cute! Mom said fyi you did not have heels, you had little flat white sandals ;)

  2. She looks beautiful none the less!